Lives and works as a graphic artist in Bucharest, but her creative drive has led her to extend her artistic endeavours into other areas like painting and metal art. Always on the lookout for that elusive restless line, she's tried her hand at illustrations, concept art for games and - her most recent passion - graphic novels.

2000 › Graduated from Nicolae Tonitza Art School, majoring in graphics.
2004 › Graduate of the College of Design and Decorative Arts (National Arts University of Bucharest), majoring in metal art.

She is a member of U.A.P. Romania

Group expositions
1996 › UNESCO international exhibition Celebrazioni cinquentenario, Reggio Calabria, Italy (awarded: silver medal)
1997 › For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory Festival, sponsored by A.P.A.R. 
1999 › Requiem for a bloody Christmas, National Arts Hall  – graphics and painting
2000 › Byzantine icons and painting, A.A.P. Hall, Bucharest – graphics
        › Hotel Capitol Hall, Bucharest – graphics
        › Echoes of Eminescu’s influence in art, A.G.I.R., Bucharest – graphics and painting
2001 › Our Lord is Risen, Ganeasa Monastery – religious art
2002 › The World of Eminescu­­, Casa Centrala a Armatei, Bucharest – graphics
        ›  Teatrul de Comedie, Bucharest – graphics and painting
2003 › An Homage to St. Mary, Point Hall, Bucharest – religious art
        › We are artists too, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Bucharest, sponsored by A.N.P.H. – graphics, painting and metal art
        ›  Performances Album, published with the aid of A.N.P.H.
        › Group exhibition at A.N.P.H. headquarters, Bucharest
2004 › Solidarity through art, Romanian Radio Broadcasting Hall, sponsored by A.N.P.H. – awarded: Honorary Diploma for Promoting Integration and Humanistic Values, awarded by the Romanian Government via M.M.S.S.F. and A.N. P.H.
        › In Memoriam Gheorghe Anghel, Ateneul Roman, Bucharest – graphics and painting
        ›  The Unalligned, Point Hall, Bucharest – graphics, painting, metal art
        › In Memoriam Eugen Ionescu, Slatina – graphics
2005 › Group exposition at the Romanian Opera, sponsored by A.N.P.H.
        › Ganesha, god of the blessed beginningsPedagogical Library, Bucharest, sponsored by India’s embassy in Romania – religious art
        ›  Exposition at Hotel Sky Gate, Bucharest – graphics, painting, metal art.
        ›  Exposition at Howard Johnson Grand Plaza, Bucharest, sponsored by A.N.P.H. 
        › Awarded: Excellence Diploma for promoting Romanian Pedagogy, awarded during the 125thAnniversary of the I.C. Petrescu Pedagogical Library
2006 › Requiem for a bloody Christmas (6th edition), Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Timisoara
2007 › Requiem for a bloody Christmas (7th edition), Sibiu (awarded: Diploma for a unique portrayal of Romanian (neo-)communism)
2008 › Arts Festival, Bucharest
2009 › Selari 13 Biennial, Apollo Hall, Bucharest
2010 › Winter Salon, Annual Visual Arts Exposition, Suțu Museum, Bucharest
        › International salon, spurring  Artists’ Civic involvement, Metropolitan Arts Centre, Bucharest
2011 › Winter Salon, Annual Visual Arts Exposition, Suțu Museum, Bucharest – painting, graphics
2012 › Spring Salon, Annual Visual Arts Exposition, Suțu Museum, Bucharest – graphics

Solo shows
2007 › I.C. Petrescu Library Galleries – graphics, painting, metal art (awarded: Excellence Diploma by the Mihai Eminescu International Academy, on the eve of the poet’s 157th anniversary)
        ›  Awarded:  Excellence Diploma for special services for the Romanian-Indian Association in promoting Indian spiritual symbolism
2008 › Gaudeamus, International Festival – painting, graphics, metal art.


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